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My name is Marit Kundar and I am an Estonian born photographer based in Middle Tennessee.


My passion for photography was inspired by my father at a young age. I remember watching him developing photos in his homemade darkroom (read “kitchen”). In that time, it seemed magical!! What I also remember, is the day when he brought home our very first digital camera for my brothers and I. I would say that this little point and shoot BenQ DC 1300 with 1.3MP was the foundation to my journey to become a photographer.  


Throughout the years, and several cameras later, what started as a hobby became my profession. My photography studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts, travels, and constant drive to evolve and experiment, has formed me to be a versatile photographer. 


I try to stay true to my vision, but am also always open to new ideas and am willing to work together and guide my clients throughout the process to get the best outcome possible.


I am truly grateful for each and every client who has trusted me with capturing their special moments and to those who will give me these opportunities in the future.

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